BOVISAJ is a self-care community created to connect and empower people all over the world. By incorporating specific facial exercises with other holistic techniques, BOVISAJ enables people to be the best version of themselves.

Following a 10-year career in finance, BOVISAJ founder Leila Haddioui had a revelation when she discovered facial yoga and Kobido massage. The natural and non-invasive techniques, coupled with her enthusiasm for empowering others, led to the creation of BOVISAJ.

Unique movements stimulate blood circulation, increase collagen and elastin production, relax overworked facial muscles, and reverse facial sagging, puffiness, and asymmetry to restore a youthful appearance. Because consistency is key, classes are offered throughout the week to accommodate any schedule. Classes are currently offered in French and English, with Italian, Arabic, and Spanish classes starting soon. 

Clients agree that BOVISAJ is addictive! Everyone who consistently attends class and practices just a few minutes a day has seen an improvement in their appearance leading to healthier self-confidence. Take a look at some before and after images on Instagram and Redeem your Platform Pre-Acess Coupon Here !